About us

Our Intro

Our Company’s leadership team possess over two decades of global IT consultancy and managed services experience. Making us the ultimate 3rd party IT vendor.

Our highly qualified team drive the core business forward with a focus on integrity.

Respect for the clients and a determination to deliver are woven into the very fabric of everything we do.


Core team

Asim Irshad


Ayesha Akhtar


Waqar Manzoor

Service Delivery Manager

Usman Irshad

Head of Operations

Junaid Akhtar

Accounts Manager

Sohail Aslam

Talent Acquisition Manager

What we do

In a rapidly changing world it has never been more important to derive maximum value from your IT investments. We enable our clients to do exactly that. Extending asset life cycles, lowering operating expenditure and delaying capital spend. Security is a key function. Achieved by bringing the latest technologies to bear and integrating them to protect the clients operations and assets.

From first meeting and through to ongoing day to day global IT consultancy our clients enjoy the personal touch. A high quality, dedicated account manager who is engaged from day one and throughout.


How we do it

Every one of our clients is supported by a dedicated team. There to help you plan the fine detail of your infrastructure strategy. The business, from its formation, was set up to provide unrivalled customer service through integrity and respect. To our clients we are more than just another strategic partner.

We are a trusted ally providing thought leadership and technical excellence. It is why their referrals continue to make up the majority of our new clients.


IT consultants with global reach

Our team of carefully vetted local engineers are multilingual and speak most languages. This extensive network of high quality, highly qualified engineers are able to deliver global IT consultancy services in over 150 countries.

Beyond their technical skills we look for confident communicators so our clients enjoy the benefit of a presence on site that they can engage with.

The whole operation is underpinned by our 24/7 English speaking support desk. So wherever you are, we can be right there with you.

Talk to a global IT support expert

We are multilingual and speak most languages